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Marketing for professional services needn’t be dull!

Just because you’re a regulated firm, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have exciting marketing!  Capturing the  attention of your target audience and pleasing Compliance can be a dificult balance. Not to worry, because Wynne Marketing are here to help you to show off your real personality and values, whilst remaining professional and compliant.  We work with you to find, win and keep the clients you deserve!


We listen to your problems and then provide solutions. Marketing Strategy is the bit that is often missed out. It’s the thinking before the doing. Our marketing strategies map out the year ahead, focus on delivering your goals and grow your business. Get this right first before you create any marketing and you’ll save time, energy and money.


Brand is what helps you to stand out from the crowd. You may believe your business is different, but does your marketing reflect that? It’s not just a logo, it’s the language you use, the images you use, the way you treat a customer and how your core values are reflected in what you do. If you feel lost in the crowd, this is for you.

Lead Generation

Every business needs customers! We’ll show you how to create a steady stream of leads using a variety of marketing strategies. It’s not all about digital you know, although automating processes does help! We can set you up with a GDPR compliant database and processes to simplify and manage your lead generation.


Bringing in enquiries but not getting many clients? Let us help you solve these problems with a deep dive into your sales processes. We can provide training, tweak customer journeys (online and offline), improve business models and sort out statistical reports to track your goals.


If your clients aren’t hanging around for long, you may need help with servicing them. We can help you to create loyalty schemes, incentives, subscription models and regular marketing communications to keep them happy. Retaining clients will increase their lifetime value to your business and reduce your spend on lead generation.


“Amanda was helping me with a marketing strategy but actually what she provided was so much more than that.

She made me think about all kinds of possibilities and her innate creativity meant she was able to contribute plenty of ideas for me to think about. From there, she helped me get clarity about where I was going and what I will be offering in the future.”


“The work you did for us on Brand Strategy absolutely blew me away – it was the best money I’d spent on my business in years!”

Lead Generation

“Amanda helped me to set up a new website and email funnel for my business. The website looked exactly how I had imagined and the funnel emails have already bought in referrals! Amanda has delivered training to my team and also advised on marketing strategies for my business.”

The funnel generated a 5600% ROI in just 2 months.

Client Retention

“The work you delivered with our client communications throughout lockdown was invaluable. And we’d never have been able to re-engage our database of previous leads without your knowledge of GDPR.”


“Brilliant strategy session that provoked a lot of thoughts supported by breaking down what we want to achieve, how to do it and by when.”