A Christmas gift of clarity and focus!

How has your business grown in 2018?
Have you been consistent with your marketing?
What marketing has worked?
What hasn’t?
What will you focus on in 2019?
What will you do differently?

All these questions and more need to be answered and turned into a Marketing Strategy to help you learn from 2018 and know where to focus in 2019!

So many people ask me questions about the best social media platforms to use and networking groups to attend…..

These things are simply part of the Marketing Mix.

What people REALLY need to clarify are the answers to these questions:

– What am I trying to achieve with this business? (Lifestyle/income/vehicle to something else)

– What does my business stand for? What are its values and its WHY? (Why are you passionate about this/what values or skills do you bring?)

– How will I serve people and be paid for it/what am I selling?
(Packaging and pricing your services so people can buy them. Benefits over features, e.g. are you selling photography or memories?)

– Who do I want as my customer? Why? Where will I find them?
(Bespoke service or volume? Transactional sales or relationship building?)

Then collate ideas for marketing based on making these things happen!

If you need a hand, give me a shout! 😉

I offer a free Consultation – let’s go for a coffee and you can tell me about your business plans!


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