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Flexperts | Wynne Marketing

A Marketing Collaboration

‘Wynne Marketing’ began as ‘Wynne Media’ back in 2010 as a web design and branding business created by Amanda Wynne Evans. As the business grew, Amanda recognised the need for ongoing marketing support and strategic expertise for small businesses, so the focus and name changed in 2016.

In May 2019, Amanda changed the business model into a collaboration with other creative experts like herself, enabling a wider range of specialist marketing services to be offered to SME owners. This merry collaboration of creative, flexible experts are the Wynne Marketing FLEXPERTS!

Core Values

Vision | Core Values | Wynne Marketing


We use our VISION to see the potential of your business. Our Marketing Strategy sessions bring out your ideas and why you’re passionate about what you do. We help you to shape your vision into a business model and create a deliverable plan to communicate it to the world.

Courage | Core Values | Wynne Marketing


Some people find it hard to promote themselves; it takes courage to put yourself ‘out there’. We support you behind the scenes and show you your Unique Selling Points (USPs), so together we can communicate how awesome you and your business are through your marketing.

Authenticity | Core Values | Wynne Marketing


We believe in real, authentic marketing. No bulls**t or blagging here. We want to connect genuine businesses with genuine customers, so it’s a Wynne-Win for everyone involved when a sale happens. We work with you to develop a brand that’s authentically you, so you’ll naturally attract your tribe!

Fun | Core Values | Wynne Marketing


Fun is what life is all about! We all love what we do so much that a lot of us left a ‘good, steady job’ to go it alone. Running a business can be hard but when it all comes together, it’s the most satisfying feeling in the world! We’ll help you bring the fun into what you do and celebrate your wins with you. We are all living the dream!

Connection | Core Values | Wynne Marketing


Marketing is all about making a connection with your audience. We use creative ideas, emotive language and show the world your USPs to help you connect with your tribe. To do this, we connect with you first, to thoroughly understand your business and your vision. We are in it for the long haul. Connection is the key to marketing success.

Meet the Flexperts

We’re the team that make it happen! Each running our own business, but working together as the Wynne Marketing collaboration to deliver exciting projects in a flexible way. Check out our easy 123 step approach to marketing:

Amanda Wynne Evans
Strategy & Planning

Mark Evans
Finance & Growth

Sarah Platt
Social Media

Amanda Bate

Dave Bradburn
Graphic Design

Janet Hare
Public Relations

David Lampkin
Website Design

Elaine Atherton
Sales Coaching

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