Was your initial reaction a YES or Noooo….?

If we are having a good day and absolutely on it, it’s a YES! If we feel stressed, tired, overwhelmed, it may be a no.

But OUTSTANDING also means to STAND OUT!

Do you feel that you stand out from the crowd?

In order to be heard and be seen, we need to think about our brand and our Unique Selling Points (USPs).

  • What’s different about you and your company to the others around you?
  • What can you offer that no-one else can?
  • What products and services do you offer?
  • What do you REALLY offer, the transformation, what working with you means to your customer?

There can be a fear of judgement when you are OUTSTANDING. You are outside of the crowd, not conforming, got your head above the parapet and risking being shot at!

But you’re doing it.

You’re all in, going for it, do or die.


How are you being OUTSTANDING today?