Business Continuity Update

CURRENT STATUS 8th January 2021: Business as usual

Despite the resurge in Covid-19, Wynne Marketing is able to continue as per normal. 

Due to recent Government announcements, our Chester office is temporarily closed for face to face appointments. However, we continue to work for existing clients and have capacity to support others needing business and marketing strategy and communications.

It’s a difficult time for many – so talk out your ideas and fears with us over zoom or phone.

We are offering a free consultation to regulated firms to talk out their ideas and fears – so do contact us to book yours.



  • Amanda will deliver all pre-booked meetings via Zoom or a phone call. Please do continue to email or call as you usually would in between these meetings. If you are a client, call anytime if you are having a crisis – we are here to help and advise you.
  • We have postponed all face to face meetings, workshops, training networking and unnecessary travel until further notice, in accordance with government guidelines.

Social Media

  • We are preparing posts in advance, seeking your approval and scheduling them as usual.
  • We understand you may need adjustments to your planned schedules and will speak with you individually to adapt your messages and campaigns.


  • Websites continue to be hosted and managed as before.
  • We do suggest you continue to produce Business Continuity Updates for your clients and prospects, such as this one, on your Blog page. Do contact us if you require help with this.

Copywriting / PR / Sales

  • These services are still being provided as required, via email, phone or Zoom. Contact us via our enquiry form or email [email protected] for more info.


In the event of any of our team members becoming ill, it is likely that another team member can pick up the work. If this is not possible, we will do our utmost to find another provider who can continue with the work for you. We will keep you informed about any such incident.


We are committed to delivering your marketing as usual. It’s essential that during this time you are able to get important messages out to your customers and contacts quickly. We are here to advise and support you and come up with creative ideas to keep your cashflow and morale going! We are a part of your team!

Do stay safe and well and contact us if you have any queries whatsoever.

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