Celebrate good times – come on!

My theme for December is CELEBRATION! Do you take time out to celebrate your achievements?

Or do you zoom on to the next project? Do you look at what worked so you can recreate it?

And – how do you even celebrate in business?!

Each month we’re focusing on a topic that’s essential for a happy and successful business. This is number 12 of our 12Cs of Marketing articles.

At the end of a year it’s natural to look back over the highlights and lowlights. Are you further along? What lessons have you learned along the way?

It’s really helpful to do this with your business too.

It’s not the best :-/

Sometimes we may not be where we want to be yet and that can be very frustrating. 

However, we are a year closer to our goals/missions. We have a whole year’s extra experience and knowledge and connections.

It’s important to focus on the LESSONS, not just what you perceive as a failure or success.

I do like the phrase ‘There are no failures, only lessons’!

If thinking you’ve failed makes you feel bad, why think like that? Look at why you didn’t achieve your goal. Not to cast blame or shun responsibility, but perhaps you achieved something else instead on the way. Maybe you had a valuable life lesson. Maybe your goal is irrelevant now.

Or perhaps things got in the way – what were they? How can you change or go around them?

You can change the SUCCESS CRITERIA of your goal, because you are in charge of it. You have always achieved something, even if it was just starting or trying. What have you achieved on the way? Find what it is and celebrate it!

Yay – I’m awesome!

Perhaps you have achieved your goals this year – WELL DONE!!! How can you recreate this success? How does it make you feel? How will you celebrate? 

It’s so important that we recognise when we’ve achieved. If you are running your own business, there may not be a boss or even a team to congratulate you, give you a pay rise or bonus or even a tin of biscuits at Christmas!!

So, you have to build these rewards in for yourself. When you set your goals/missions for next year, think about how you will reward yourself when you achieve them as you go along.

How to celebrate

Treat yourself to something new. If money is tight, think about an experience instead. Here’s some ideas:

  • Something for the home – new tv or sofa? Something for the office – a new laptop! Something for you – funky shoes, new watch.
  • Buying ‘stuff’ can help us feel more successful, if when you look at it you try to bring back the positive feelings of why and how you bought it. The hard work you put in paid off – here’s your reward!
  • A great way to reward yourself is to invest in something that will grow your business or you as a person. Consider a course or retreat, new books, a music or book subscription and headphones to listen to them.
  • It needn’t be expensive, you could just give yourself Friday off!
  • And of course, going out for Prosecco with supportive friends is an essential part of a celebration – or is that just me?!

Huge congratulations for making it through another year, you fabulous person, you! Here’s to an amazing 2019!


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