Each month we’re focusing on a topic that’s essential for a happy and successful business. This is number 9 of our 12Cs of Marketing articles.

Consistency is an essential part of business – particularly in marketing.

It’s much easier to build an audience and to build trust when others can see your consistency in your social media posting, your blogging and that you say what you are going to do!

What is difficult with consistency is that it’s all about routine and systems. Some people struggle to set up effective systems. Others get bored with routines. And yet, we all know that consistency plays a huge part in our success in achieving our goals!

We can’t diet for a day and expect to lose a stone! Just as we can’t blog or tweet for a week or show up at one networking event and expect to see much impact from that.

Consistent marketing is key, and this is how I help my clients.

Here’s my 5 top tips to staying consistent with your marketing:

1. Commit

Make the decision that you are going to do this, no matter what. You have to feel it, believe it, see it. Focus on what the results will be when you’ve done what you are setting out to do, not how you are going to get there. If it’s something you’re uncomfortable with, such as social media, hire someone to do it! Accept that marketing is an essential part of business and it needs to be done somehow.

2. Set goals

SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound) that excite you and possibly scare you a little, are what you are looking for. Think about setting a goal to have a blog on your website once a fortnight and posts on your preferred platform 3 times per week. Start small and build on it as you get more comfortable and inspired!

3. Planning and processes

Plans and processes make everything in life so much easier! Once you’ve set up the easiest way to do brief or create your marketing, you can do it on autopilot and it becomes less of an emotional upheaval. So, plan your content subjects in a spreadsheet beforehand. You could even write all your posts in advance once a week.

If you are outsourcing, your marketer should be planning this with you at least once a month and working around your business seasonality. If you like to think longer term, plan your marketing around your overall business goals by having a Marketing Strategy created.

4. Scheduling

Book it into your calendar! A good coach once told me that we should give our businesses the same status as client work. Often, we book in time to work for them, but deprioritise what needs to be done in our own business. Put your marketing into your calendar on repeat and do it no matter what! You soon get into the routine of briefing or writing.

5. Monitoring

Do check that what you have been putting out there is getting a response! Don’t be discouraged if there isn’t a lot happening at first. Audiences do take time to know, like and trust you. Keep at it!

View your posting platform statistics. You will see that your ‘impressions’ will increase, and with this will bring new followers, likes and shares. Even if you don’t see this for some time, know that it is being seen! I’ve met new people when networking who’ve said they have seen my posts on LinkedIn and twitter, yet I know they haven’t liked or commented.

It’s important that you check to see if people have messaged or commented too, so you can engage with them.

If your marketing involves networking, attend meetings regularly and go for the connections rather than the sale.

People are always watching and listening and will come to you when the time is right for them, not you.

So, keep on marketing, people!

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