Each month we’re focusing on a topic that’s essential for a happy and successful business. This is number 8 of our 12Cs of Marketing articles.

This time last year, I did something a bit scary.

I changed my whole business focus from web design and hosting to marketing consultancy.

After much discussion and meeting of the minds, I collaborated with a local web design agency and passed my web hosting clients (and the income they generate) over to them to manage on a day-to-day basis. I still oversee and advise on projects, but I’ve handed over the reins.

As a bit of a control freak and perfectionist, this was a big deal to me!

My reason behind this shift in focus is that whilst I was sitting in my comfort zone of web design, I wasn’t growing or challenging myself. And worse, I was starting to become unmotivated. Don’t get me wrong, I was still doing the work and keeping clients happy! But I wasn’t as happy. I knew I could do more.

Marketing is my passion and was my previous corporate role. When I started my own business, I took on web design as that’s what everyone around me wanted! I could do it, so I did. But it wasn’t REALLY what I wanted to do. I just didn’t have the confidence then to set up as a Consultant.

Asking people to pay me for my expertise rather than something more tangible scared the hell out of me! Was I ‘good enough’ for that? Clever enough? Too cheap, too expensive? What if they thought I was rubbish? What if I gave advice that didn’t work? I couldn’t face it, so I stayed in my Zone of Excellence rather than pushing through the fear into my Zone of Genius – Consultancy. (Thank Gaye Hendrix’s book ‘The Big Leap‘ for Zone-like thinking!)

The exciting thing I realised is that I can still help to improve or create my clients’ websites by offering INSIGHT, as I’m no longer building it myself. I can brief what we need, work with the client and web designer as an interpreter and use both my marketing mindset and technical capability.

I can offer so much more to a client than just website design. I can help them to grow their business, rebrand, remove parts that no longer serve them, create plans and processes, help solve things that keep being left because they’re too hard or uncomfortable. And this is what I love to do!

After nearly 8 years in business, I’ve grown. I’ve rebranded. I’ve pivoted. I decided back then to let the tight rein of control I had over my web projects go, to make space and time for the new marketing consultancy clients and new learning and challenges.

A leap of faith.

Scary. But it felt right.

And I was fearful about doing it, but as Susan Jeffers writes in ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway‘, if something goes wrong, I’ll handle it!!

With my monthly theme being Courage, I thought I’d share this. And over a year on, I’m so glad I made the change!!

What are your thoughts? When have you been courageous in business? What did you learn from it?


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