My theme this month is CREDIBILITY. Credibility builds trust, one of the 3 key things to master for people to want to work with you (Know, Like, Trust). So, how can we be credible in our business?

Each month we’re focusing on a topic that’s essential for a happy and successful business. This is number 10 of our 12Cs of Marketing articles.

1. Have integrity

Do what you said you were going to do! Sooner or later people lose interest and faith in those who are all talk and no trousers.

Practice what you preach. Meet your deadlines. Show up on time. It’s hard and takes discipline, but it works.

2. Authenticity

Be true to who you are. No-one likes or trusts a ‘sell-out’. It’s so important to have Core Values and a Mission Statement for your business, even if they are not shared on your website.

If what you are considering doing isn’t aligned with these and it just feels wrong, don’t do it. Be your #brand!

Make sure your team all understand the culture you have within your business and build ways to implement and monitor this through staff training and rewards. You may be an authentic director, but your whole company needs to show this in every personal interaction and through marketing material to build credibility.

3. Get personal

We know that people buy from people! Share about who you are outside of work, what makes you tick and passionate. But don’t overshare – rants/politics/religion/sex talk probably aren’t going to build your credibility, unless it is associated with your line of business.

Show you care! Are you involved with a charity or pro bono work? If not, why not?! Life’s about giving. It’ll come back tenfold eventually. This is known as societal marketing. It works best if you are doing it because you really WANT to make a difference to the cause, rather than for some PR. So, choose a cause that you care about and plan with them how you can help.

4. Get involved

Actions speak louder than words. Engage on social media – share and comment. Go out networking and meet for 121s. Help connect people, even if you don’t make anything out of it. Don’t expect others to do for you what you aren’t doing for them!

Get out there and make things happen! People will start to see you as a person of action and will want to get to know you.

5. Deliver quality

Remain consistent in the quality of your service and products. No buts. You are only as good as your last project/post/call. Build ways to measure that quality remains consistent through your business, through systems and processes.

How are you building credibility in your business?

If you need a hand, give me a call!


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