There is a beautiful quote by Maya Angelou:

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget what you made them feel.

Customers! Without them, we do not have a business. We all know that we need to attract customers to our business so that we can do what we know and love for them, and ultimately get paid. Sounds simple, right?!!

And yet we know that it’s not that easy. Sometimes we attract the WRONG TYPE of customer for us. You do not gel, they do not ‘get’ you or the value you are providing and you may not enjoy working with them. Perhaps they do not pay on time (or at all) and the relationship becomes strained and difficult. You may have gone out of your way for them and yet they are still not happy!!

On the other hand we have customers whom we love to work with, they inspire us, value what we do and pay on time!

Who you attract is down to your marketing.

What we sometimes forget is that if our business brand and marketing don’t match our own personality and values, then we may be attracting the types of customer that we are not going to get on well with. In a transactional business where the relationship with a customer is very short, that may not matter so much. But if you are a service provider, then the relationship with your customer is essential. We know that people buy from people.

Marketing that isn’t in line with the business owner’s ethos can lead to a couple of scenarios:

  1. Either you have lots of customers and cashflow, but you are not happy and motivated.
  2. You do not have enough customers and the business financials do not look good.

Would you class those businesses as successful and happy? Probably not.

So when is the last time you had a good look at your customers?

Do you categorise them? I’m not saying that you should not treat all customers well, but in terms of personalising your service, you may well need to treat some customers differently than others. It’s called Customer Segmentation.

In this instance I am defining ‘customer’ as someone who has already exchanged money with you for a product or service.

Perhaps some of your existing customers need more love and attention. They may be disheartened with your service or may have forgotten about you. They may even want to go elsewhere. Identify this group by their lack of engagement or purchase or by negative feedback. What can you do or offer to improve the relationship and encourage them to stay?

Perhaps some of your customers are plodding along, happy with you but you’re not forefront of their mind. With a bit more marketing and care, you could remind them of how great you are, what you can do to make their lives better, then offer another relevant product or service to this group.

Now, your top customers – these are your tribe, those who are loyal to you or your brand and those you love to work with. How can you ensure they stay loyal? Perhaps you can offer them something special to show your appreciation to them.

That’s your Customer Retention Strategy started! How about attracting some new customers – your Acquisition Strategy?

Have a think about who your Ideal Customer is. It may be someone you already serve, or you may not have met them yet. Give them a name, a look, a demographic and location. What product would they buy from you and why? How would this meet their needs? What other needs might they have? What could you offer them next?

If you already have some lovely customers, you can shape this modelling on them. How did you meet them? Where can you meet more of them?!! Can they refer you?

All this forms part of your Marketing Strategy.

If you’ve been reading my other blogs, you know that the next thing I’m going to say is….

Write all of this down and make it into a PLAN!! 😀

I love to help others with their Marketing Strategy, it lights me up inside to see my customers becoming excited and motivated about their businesses and gaining clarity.

I’ll end on another quote:

Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the Customer. Gregory Ciotti

If you’d like me to help you further with attracting and retaining your customers, simply book a free call with me to help you get started.


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