“Marketing gets people to your door and sales takes them through it”

Amanda Wynne Evans

On Tuesday 21st January 2020, Amanda Wynne Evans of Wynne Marketing held a Sales and Marketing focused workshop with guest speaker and Flexpert, Elaine Atherton from 2Summit Up, at the stunning Grosvenor Hotel in Chester, Cheshire.

It was the third ‘Marketing Success in 90 Days workshop’ held by Wynne Marketing, this time focusing on sales conversion in addition to supporting attendees to create their own Marketing Plan. Again, they were thrilled to receive excellent ratings and feedback!

Marketing vs sales

Amanda explained some of the key differences between marketing and sales and how the two overlap.

Marketing opens

  • Research
  • Lead generation – volume
  • Brand awareness, education
  • Audience building
  • Long term and planning

Sales closes

  • Focused
  • Individual or small groups
  • Objection handling
  • Conversion, end process
  • Short term wins

Success blueprints

Amanda Wynne Evans took the attendees through marketing campaigns; what they were and how to create one in their own business. Attendees reviewed some big brand campaigns and Amanda broke down their ‘Success Blueprint’ so the campaign components could be recreated in a smaller way.

Attendees came up with creative ideas for a campaign for each business and then worked backwards from their desired launch dates, to break down the steps needed to create the campaign.

The Marketing Strategy focused on the Why, What and Who of their campaign and their Marketing Plan determined the When, Where and How.

Buying and selling

Elaine Atherton took us through some important steps in converting leads from marketing, reminding everyone that:
‘People don’t buy to help us, they buy because we helped them.’

Buyers are looking for something to solve their problem or need and usually have emotions around this, such as frustration, to be happy or to remove stress. They will have an ‘Important List’, e.g. “My new fridge must fit in the kitchen corner, be stainless steel and around £800”.

The Seller should ask specific questions to understand this Important List, so they can showcase their appropriate products and services and not waste time explaining irrelevant things!

Sales processes

Processes are key to make a sale, no matter what size the business is. Without sales, we don’t have a business!

The need to follow up was also discussed, with attendees curious about how many times they should follow up and the intervals in between. Elaine provided statistics that 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact and yet a whopping 48% of sales people never follow up with a client at all.