Get your business back into the limelight with great social media!

Coming up with ideas on the spot for your social media posts can be exhausting and is unlikely to get you the ROI you deserve. Instead, book in a half day per fortnight into your diary and write a load of posts in one go! 

1. Prepare yourself

Get your creative juices going by clearing the clutter and put some music on! Perhaps even sit somewhere different – just make it so that you are free from the day to day distractions. Listen to a podcast beforehand or read a few blogs from your industry.

Determine your aims – engagement? Leads? Brand awareness? Don’t expect a mass of sales from just one post. Social media is about consistency and building up your reputation.

2. Content ideas

Note down some trending topics from your industry that you can add an opinion to.

  • What you’ve been up to this week and who you’ve met 
  • An event from your past where you learned a valuable lesson
  • Meet the team, show off your office
  • Testimonials and case studies
  • The news – add value with your business viewpoint on world topics 
  • Tell people what you do!
  • Why did you start your business and how are you different?
  • Ask for the sale – promote a specific service and tell people how to find out more
  • Top tips – break down something you do into steps across a series of posts
  • Use well-known hashtags such as #MondayMotivation, #TestimonialTuesday etc.
  • Add images from free stock sites (do not use pictures from Google as you are likely to be in breach of copyright laws)
  • Share news stories or other’s posts, although be aware this will only give you a low reach.
  • Link to blog posts on your website – or better still, recreate that blog as an article on LinkedIn, which stays around for longer and has better reach.
  • Look at different ways to post, like stories or a carousel of a presentation.

3. Where, when and who

Consider where your post will go and the timing of it. Business posts do well early morning or during business hours. Other lifestyle or product sales businesses may do better at lunchtimes, evenings and weekends.

Remember that you are trying to capture the attention of your target audience, so where might they be and when? How can you make your post noticeable?

4. Approval process

Put all your posts and images into a spreadsheet, specifying the date they will go live and where. Send this to relevant people for approval, such as a compliance team. This spreadsheet becomes your historic trail and can be used to add statistics to, so you can track how posts performed.

5. Scheduling

Use Hootsuite or buffer or the Facebook scheduler to cut and paste in your lovely new posts and set the time you want them to go live. You can put them live at the same time across platforms or swap days and times around.

You will get the most from your social media if you engage with the people liking and commenting on your posts (and engaging on their’s), so take time out each morning to do this.

Remember to track your success at the end of each month, considering the aims you set at the beginning.

Above all, remain consistent! Posting 2-3 times per week on the most appropriate platform for your audience is how you build trust and authority. 

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

Now, let’s light it up! #LightItUp

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