Do you tell your customer what they really need or just sell them what they asked for?

Being in marketing I am asked to help with a huge range of stuff for my clients! However, I like it when they come to me with a problem to solve, rather then the solution they think they need.

For example, “We need a new website!”. I always ask “What are you trying to achieve?” Sometimes a new site is not the answer. It’s traffic, or a better marketing mix, or more targeted copy etc.

Just this week I’ve been involved with:
  • ️Lead generation strategies
  • Blogs about financial services
  • Website design and customer journey changes
  • Client enewsletter
  • Database cleansing
  • Standing out on social media
  • Connecting the tech and creating a process behind online calendar appointments
  • How to approach prospects in online forums and follow up
  • Customising a CRM (customer relationship management system) to collect and categorise customer information


I’ve been in the business long enough to be able to advise on all of these things and help clients get them sorted and generate results.

I believe if you care about your clients/customers, you’ll help them in whatever way you can. And you’ll be honest about what they really need, even if that means not taking their money!

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