It’s good to talk!

Lockdown has had us all becoming rather insular, reducing the interactions we would have had with our colleagues, networking prospects and business contacts.

On the other hand, you may have Zoom fatigue, sick of talking online and feeling rather drained by it all!

But hand on heart, have you been reaching out to NEW people to generate more business?

It may not be with a glass of wine in one hand and a canape in the other right now, but we need to get used to that. Networking in the ‘new normal’ is likely to be a blend of in-person and online. Either way, it can be a very rewarding part of a business’s marketing mix.

Networking – where to meet new people

Get on LinkedIn! It’s not just an online CV, this platform has taken off like a rocket in the last few years and lockdown has seen its usage grow exponentially. Use the Advanced search to look for your target audience and connect. From there, start a chat in the DMs (direct messages) – a CHAT mind, not a pitch!! Don’t be one of those spammy sellers, please! If things are going well, book a coffee zoom in with them to find out more.

You should also join online networking events. There’s so many now, so choose where your target audience may be. You can find these on LinkedIn groups or simply google it.

Meeting new people brings learnings and opportunities

You may be disappointed when you realise that the attendees of the event you’re at aren’t suitable or ready to buy, but remember that the meeting isn’t unsuccessful if it doesn’t generate a sale at the end. You will have learned about various people and their businesses which will arm you with industry info, so you’re ready to impress another prospect with your up-to-date knowledge!

You can ask people about their marketing and what has worked for them and what hasn’t. This will bring ideas for what to try for your own business (and/or your clients). Ask about what’s going on locally too, if that’s relevant.

Assuming you have got on well with some people, there should be some goodwill there too. Remember to ask them if they work with any of your target audience and if they could make an introduction for you. And of course, do the same for them.


Just being in a room or on a call with positive people for networking can raise your vibes! Listening to someone speak passionately about their own business, even if it is irrelevant to you, should get your fire for your own burning again!

Following up after networking

If you are interested in someone, whether it’s for their vibes, knowledge or that they are in your target audience, get their details and contact them afterwards to book that coffee or zoom. Keep it to an hour max as a ‘Discovery call’ and if there’s business to be had, book that in on a later, more focused, sales meeting. For everyone else of interest from the event, connect with them on LinkedIn.


We all go to networking to get more business, but it can also be a good place for us to shop! You may bump into, or be referred to, a business that can help your business. Win win! #WynneWin!

So, let’s get connecting back on your agenda and go light up your business!! #LightItUp

Free Marketing Strategy Session

We are offering a free Marketing Strategy session over Zoom to UK regulated firms up until 21st June 2020. Book your free 15 minute Discovery call so we can find out more about each other first, using the link below.

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