New Pad!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve moved into a gorgeous new co-working space in Handbridge, Chester.

Industry is an open plan studio with a selection of desks providing an informal co-working hub. With a mix of full-time and ad-hoc co-workers, the space offers a vibrant atmosphere with an enthusiastic environment. There is a meeting room that can be booked or used informally by all co-workers when available.

There’s free tea and coffee for users and a separate kitchen and dining area.

Workers can book a desk for a day, a few days per week or take a permanent desk space.

I’ve been an avid work-from-home person for some time but have been on the look out for a funky, creative space! This is the place to be!

So, now’s the perfect time to book a free marketing consultation and catch up with me – and you can check out the office for yourself!

Whether you’re a client, acquaintance or stranger, you can book some time with me for a marketing chat and I’ll help to solve your issues and re-inspire you.

Book a free marketing consultation here

If you want to pop in to look at Industry for your working space, please contact [email protected] or view the website at




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