If you ever get down or stressed running your own business, just remember this…

⭐️ YOU are the CHIEF EXECUTIVE! ⭐️

Not an unproductive, moany employee trying to churn jobs out quickly so you can sunbathe in the garden instead.

Not a powerless one of many.

Not the deliverer of ALL the client work (outsource… just saying 😉)

YOUR job description is:

❇️ The vision and direction of your company

❇️ Development of products and services

❇️ Ways to make more money

❇️ Ways to make efficiencies

❇️ Hiring and firing staff/suppliers and keeping them motivated

❇️ Keeping everyone aligned to brand values and a high standard of work

❇️ Bringing in new business or overseeing this process

Everything else is someone else’s role, right?

That includes

  • Marketing
  • Accounts
  • Fulfilment
  • Admin
  • HR

You should be LEADING and steering the direction of these, but not doing them! 💡

What can you outsource to enable you to be the Chief Executive?


(Post inspired by a webinar about productivity from Oliver Duffy-Lee with Stefaan De Vreese )

Outsource your marketing

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