Client: Franchisor of regulated firm

Despite having lots of visit to their website, according to Google Analytics, this company weren’t getting the enquiries they expected. The aim was to recruit new franchise owners, beginning with a conversation with the Franchisor (our client).

A glossy franchise prospectus had already been produced and was available on the website as a download. We spotted the opportunity to turn this into a ‘lead magnet’, by requesting the name and email address of website visitors who wanted to download it.

We set up a customised a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) for the client to enable them to manage their marketing database. Next, we built a funnel in the CRM and connected it to the website, creating a form to capture the details of those who downloaded the prospecus lead magnet which fed them straight into the CRM, alerting our client.

We built and wrote a series of emails from the Franchisor in the CRM and automated them to be sent to the prospect, with specific time gaps. The first, immediate email delivered the prospectus download as requested. The automated sequence continued with various messages and information designed to entice the prospect to book a call with the client via an online calendar, which we also integrated with the CRM.


  • Five new franchisee prospects downloaded the prospectus within month one
  • One of these prospects purchased for a franchise for a 5 figure sum within month two
  • Our client received a 5600% return on their investment with us!