Client: B2B Insurance broker

A successful insurance firm approached us asking how they could target solicitors to provide them with specialist professional indemnity insurance. The insurance options were complex and bespoke, meaning it was easier to build relationships with prospective firms to build trust and offer an advisory service, rather than try to sell the insurance online.

We began by determining the criteria of the law firms who were most likely to benefit from the insurance and then started investigating, seeking out appropriate firms to build a target database. We fed back insights and mutual connections to our insurance broker client, which helped to determine the priority firms, the decision makers and the right marketing messages to use.

Now we knew who we were targeting, what was the best way to approach them?

Getting to know our target audience better gave Wynne Marketing the idea of holding a small, invitation-only drinks event for the solicitors to make them feel special! This matched the treatment and the specialist advice and product they would receive as an insurance client. We whittled down venues and due to our connections, proudly secured a brand new space in a beautiful hotel with a menu of canapes and cocktails for the event.

Wynne Marketing used the CRM we had already created for our client to send email invitations to the lucky firms on our prospect list. We managed the RSVPs, thrilled to have a great response, as the insurance firm was unknown to the recipients previously.

The event itself was a huge success! We had even prepped our insurance broker Directors with relelvant facts about the area, hotel and the prospect firm’s latest news, so they happily chatted with their guests – who enjoyed the catering!

Wynne Marketing took photos, wrote a blog of the event, promoted it across social media and ensured that guests were thanked for their  attendance. Most importantly, we held the insurance brokers accountable for following up all of the guests after the event. Often the follow up is forgotten after the glamour of the event is over, yet this is the most important part!



  • 25 guests attended the event, with invites sent to just 40
  • Four guests agreed a follow up coffee meeting date with the insurance brokers at the actual event, with almost all guests meeting with the insurers at a later date
  • Two law firms switched their insurance to the firm on their renewal
  • The database or prospect law firms we created remains engaged and receives the broker’s enewsletters
  • The insurance brokers have even received referrals for other business from the connections we created for them.