I have a motivational playlist that helps me to start work. One of the songs on it is ‘Right here, Right Now’ by Fatboy Slim.

It got me thinking. Sometimes it really doesn’t feel like a Right Here, Right Now moment.

First thing in the morning when your alarm goes off, when your bed is all cosy and it’s freezing and dark… you’d promised yourself you’d get up and work early… do you get up?

When you promised yourself you’d go to the gym after work… do you go?

When you promised you were going to eat more healthily… do you eat the last mince pie?

We think those Right Here, Right Now moments are going to be a blaze of glory, do or die, huge movie-style scenarios where we have to show what we are really made of.

But it’s those little moments, where we make the seemingly tiny yet momentous decisions of taking baby steps towards our goals, which take the most courage.

These tiny decisions, when compounded, are what make up our life and enable us to reach our goals.

I’m working on this myself with the help of Mel Robbins’ book, The 5 Second Rule.

What do you struggle to get started on?