On Friday 21st June the Wynne Marketing Flexpert team had a photoshoot at WM HQ in Handbridge, Chester!

Andrew Collier photography did the honours, with the brief being ‘Headshots please, plus some fun team pics’!

We began the day with some sausage butties from the local Handbridge shop and the ladies had their makeup done by Nicole Allen in the huuuuuge hall upstairs at WM’s co-working space, Industry.

Andrew got the lighting palava set up and we took it in turns to do a variety of poses in a variety of places around the gorgeous building.

After coffee and costume changes behind a makeshift changing room (which wasn’t as private as we thought!), we began the Flexpert team photo shoot.

To alleviate camera shyness, Andrew asked us to recite the alphabet backwards, which got us giggling and becoming all competitive, leading to some great natural shots of us! And there’s you thinking we were all working away at that laptop, ha!

There was just time to pop down to the River Dee and get some rapper poses in the bag before a celebratory lunch at The Handbridge pub.

Since this shoot, we’ve had another 5 Flexperts join! So clearly we’ll have to do it again soon. Any excuse to get our make up done and have another sausage butty session… ?