That’s what some people tell me. I smile, take a deep breath and say…

  • Can I ask what you are trying to achieve?
  • Who’s your target audience?
  • Do you think the platform you were using was the right one to reach them?
  • Do you think the tone, language and substance of your posts was right for this audience?
  • Did you tell them what you wanted them to do (call to action)?
  • How consistently were you posting?
  • And how long for?
  • And did you reply to comments or messages and follow up offline?
  • Did you like and comment on other’s posts to get their attention or build relationships?
  • How are you measuring its success (or lack of!)?
  • And finally, are you using social media as part of a marketing mix?

If any of these are an ‘erm’ (and these are the basics), then you may not be seeing the return you deserve from social media yet.

Stick at it. And if you’re stuck or can’t take it anymore, give me a shout!

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