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Business: Redwood Copy

"Hi, I like to think I 'm more than just a content writer. I don't just write compelling content, I ensure I make a personal connection with all my clients. I'll spend time with you to understand your 'why' and your 'how' to make the most out of every word. I'll delve into your psyche so the content reflects your all important story, your mission and your values. I'lll get to know your target audience and understand exactly what they want to see and what will resonate with them.

With nearly 20 years experience in the corporate world, I broke free to use my skills and experience in a liberating creative way. In 2016 I returned to study with the College of Media & Publishing to sharpen my copywriting talent even further - and I'm happy to report that I gained a distinction in my diploma.

I'm happy when I'm creating website content, policies, business blogs, eBooks, newsletters, brochures and flyers, but incredibly happy when I get to tell you how all these materials link together to educate, inform and raise awareness to the max. With my knowledge you can do half of what you currently do yet be twice as effective, saving you time and money."

Amanda B

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