Dave Bradburn

Graphic Design
Brief info

Business: Opus Creative

"As a graphic designer, I work with clients to develop their brand identity and business promotion. Essentially, I enable businesses to communicate more effectively to their clients, prospects and employees by means of making information more engaging, accessible and interesting to read and digest.

Predominantly creating design for print, I’m passionate about strong visual communication with goals and outcome in mind in order that this achieves the most effective result for my clients. This strength comes when all elements of marketing work together and support each other.

I set up Opus Creative Design in 2007. Prior to that I spent approximately ten years working for a number of small and medium sized design agencies in Cheshire and Manchester after completing a degree in Graphic Design and Typography at the University of Plymouth.

Although I’ve worked for a number of big-name clients throughout my career, I’ve found that the more interesting and rewarding projects have been for the many less well-known names that I work with. Creating design work for these comparatively smaller businesses and organisations feels like it has a far more positive impact and provides a feeling of genuine involvement in those businesses.

I work with businesses across a wide range of sectors but have particular experience in education (both working with schools themselves as well as businesses marketing to them), the arts, and professional services."

Dave B

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