So, you’ve set your goals for this year – but how are you going to make them happen? Try our top tips below.

1. Why

The reason you want to achieve these goals is paramount. Take some time to think about each one – what will their achievement really bring you? It’s not just about more money for example, it’s what that money can bring you; freedom, choices, control. This goes a lot deeper than acquiring more ‘stuff’, which only brings a temporary happiness state. Focusing on the ‘Why’ rather than the goal itself brings more motivation.

2. Write them down

Research from the University of California states that we are 42% more likely to achieve our goals if we write them down. This helps to cement them in our minds and forms a mental commitment, just like writing our signature on an official document.

Once written, your goals need to go somewhere you will see them! Read them once a week or consider making a vision board with words and pictures to get a real insight to how your life will look and feel as you achieve your goals. You could put them in your diary. Consider writing affirmations on them to recite every morning.

3. Accountability

Sharing your goals with a friend, coach or in a social media post or video also makes us more determined to make things happen. We can tap into what we fear by not achieving them, such as embarrassment, letting people or yourself down, or not being in the place you want to be emotionally, financially or physically. What is the impact of NOT achieving your goals?

Consider joining a Mastermind group of people you know will kick your ass every time you don’t do what you said you were going to! Talk with this group at a set time every week/fortnight. Each of you should share specific steps you are going to take towards your goals which you will do before the next meeting. Each Mastermind member needs to hold each other accountable for doing these things – celebrating success or an ass-kicking for non-achievers. Problems can be shared and resolved, but excuses are not allowed!

4. Scheduling

Break your goals down into actionable steps and put them in your calendar! Work backwards from your goal deadline. I like to think of this like planning for a holiday. The aeroplane is leaving with or without you, so you must be ready with your luggage packed, passport and tickets in hand, insurance in place – and in my case, quite a bit of pampering to get my body up to scratch beforehand! What do you need to do by when, to ensure you don’t miss your goal deadline?

5. Courage

In my blog ‘Right Here, Right Now’ I wrote about seemingly tiny, yet momentous decisions taking the most courage. If your alarm goes off early for your morning workout, do you get up? Or allow your brain to talk you out of it? Let the compound effect of thousands of small actions towards your goals kick in, bringing you closer to your ultimate achievement. Forget what others say or do or don’t say and don’t do. This is about what you want in your life. Have the courage to go for it.

6. The 5 Second Rule

This is a book by Mel Robbins that I highly recommend. She says about the rule: ‘The moment when you have an instinct to act on a goal you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will stop you.’ Counting down from 54321 then moving, activates the prefrontal cortex of your brain which spurs you into action, instead of focusing on your feelings. Ignore your feelings! Your brain has a thousand reasons why you can justify not doing what you said you were going to. Just 54321 do it!

7. Manifesting

I could write pages about manifesting, but a succinct description may be that just thinking about our goals and feeling like we have achieved them already can help to make them happen. This can go a lot deeper into the Law of Attraction for example, where tuning into the energy frequencies of feeling like we are already in the ‘place’ that we want to be can enable us to believe it more and physically draw it closer to us. When we believe, we achieve!

8. Consistency

This can be the hardest factor in goal achieving, particularly for creative people, as we want to be off creating the next shiny new thing! In today’s society we are led to believe in quick wins and often seek out instant gratification. We expect to sow the seeds and reap the harvest now! In reality, this may rarely happen. Keep chipping away at your goals and you WILL get there. It may take longer than you ever anticipated. But stay in the queue and you will get served.

9. Tracking

This is how you can measure your progress. Try something that you can physically tick like a to do list, as this is very satisfying! Think about a Bullet Journal or writing 3 small personal goals in your diary every morning and ticking them off at the end of the day.

Perhaps put a big chart or year planner on the wall and mark them off.

To track money, I use a free app called Lucky B*tch Money tracker. This allows you to set your money goal for the month and you put in every penny that comes into your world, whether it’s 5p from the back of the sofa or a free coffee at a meeting.

Tracking helps you to see progress and to be grateful for every tiny move in the right direction. Gratitude is also a big factor in the Law of Attraction.

10. Reviewing

Set aside time each day/week/month to review how things are going. This is more of a ‘how are you feeling’ review than the tracking exercise. What is going well? What is not going well? Have you had any wins yet? Tweak and redirect.

Any progress triggers ‘authentic pride’, which comes from personal confidence and success. This is one of the biggest motivators to achieve our goals. More pride in our success = more motivation.

You can use your findings from this emotional review and your logical tracking as statistics and learnings towards your next goal setting.

Remember, you got this! Stay focused?