Do you create marketing campaigns to maximise your efforts?

A marketing campaign is ‘An organised course of action to enable you to sell a product or service’.They are:

  • Pre-planned with a launch & end date
  • Have a memorable message
  • Combine media; use a marketing mix
  • Focused on a single idea
  • Similarly branded for recognition
  • Removed on the same date to make ROI measurable
  • Attempting to bring about a determined result such as message awareness, brand awareness, sales uplift in a specific segment.



An example of a marketing campaign is out #LightItUp campaign, created to inspire business owners to get fired up about their businesses again and think about their ‘new normal’ as we come out of lockdown in 2021.

Another example is the Government’s Coronavirus campaign:

Stay home |Protect the NHS | Save lives

Stay home, protect the NHS, Save lives

which later, changed to:

Hands | Face | Space

And in March 2021, they added ‘Fresh air’.

Hands, face, space, fresh air


So much more

A campaign is more than just a few posts. A campaign attempts to bring about a change, for the customer to take action and contains repetitive messages and branding.

It usually covers all marketing spaces, such as website homepage, social media cover images and even physical signage in a work or retail space.

A campaign needs to have a concept, a message and a creative idea to instill that message. It is planned ahead and the timing of it is significant.


Put campaigns into a Marketing Plan

We work with our clients to create a 12 month Marketing Plan which incorporates bespoke campaigns which we have created for them, designed to meet their business objectives.

We focus on the 90 days ahead and the specific multi-channel marketing we will deliver in that time.

The Plan covers their business seasonality – busy or quiet times, what customers want from them right now, topical news or behavioural trends and the business owners’ own goals and requirements.

What are your thoughts on using campaigns in your marketing?


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