Data misuse

I am reaching out to tell you that my company sell *INSERT IRRELEVANT PRODUCT HERE*. I am awesome at *TECHNICAL DIGITAL MARKETING THINGS WITH LOADS OF JARGON*. I believe we have synergy. When’s the earliest we can talk?”

‘I’m surprised you haven’t responded to my previous message AMANDA WYNNE’

‘I’m trying one last time as I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on our *INSERT COMPLETELY UNSOLICITED AND IRRELEVANT WASTE OF MONEY THING WE ARE SELLING TODAY HERE*

Aaaaargh!!! ? Please, just get better at this!! It’s 2021! ?

You may be a robot but I am a human!!!


Data is a person!

Does anyone like this ‘GET LEADS! BUY DATA! SELL STUFF!’ type of marketing? I find it painful and disrespectful to potential customers.

Data is a person’s personal details! A Lead is a PERSON who may or may not be interested in doing business with you.

In my view, a successful business transaction is one where both parties win – a #WynneWin!

The customer has their ‘problem’ solved and the seller receives payment.

As for selling data, I don’t know how that could ever have been made a legal business. It’s like a more modern version of the slave trade – selling details instead of the people themselves. Who gave these companies ownership?

If you would like to solve problems for people and make them happy, this makes the world a better place! And people are happy to pay to do business with you!

This is the type of marketing I do with my clients. It’s authentic and rewarding.

If you want a hand to shape your business model, culture and marketing into this, do contact me for a chat 🙂

Amanda Wynne Evans


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